A-wishing well / by Robert Frost

Being bored out of my mind, I’ve somehow been stuck with the job of cleaning up filing indicator mishaps and I ran across this one:

LDR    00743cam^^2200205Ia^4500
005    19881219121051.5
008    840322s1959^^^^nyua^^^^^^^^^^000^0^eng^d
035    $$a10549120
040    $$aNDD$$cNDD
1001   $$aFrost, Robert,$$d1874-1963.
24510  $$aA-wishing wel /$$cby Robert Frost ; [wood engravings
            by Thomas W. Nason]
24630  $$aWishing well
260    $$a[New York? :$$bs.n.],$$cc1959$$e(New York :
          $$fPrinted at the Spira Press)
300    $$a[16] p. :$$bill. ;$$c15 cm.
500    $$aTitle page in brown and black.
500    $$aPages [1], [2], [6], [12], [14]-[16] are blank.
500    $$aBound in illustrated paper wrappers.
5104   $$aCrane, J.S.C. Frost,$$cB31.
7001   $$aNason, Thomas W.$$q(Thomas Willoughby),$$d1889-1971.

So is the ‘A’ in the title proper non-filing or not?
I’m think its ok since its a poetic title and the ‘a’ in “a-wishing” isn’t being used as an article.

AACR2 no help.
Any grammarian help out there?
A-las, cataloger’s judgement.


One thought on “A-wishing well / by Robert Frost

  1. Have you thought about an automated process to do this? Assuming you can dump out your MARC data I could help you write a little process that at least identified records that have filing indicator problems.

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