North Carolina State University Libraries pushed a new version of their OPAC and it is VERY slick. It is reminiscent of commerical book vendor sites but still seems very oriented toward bibliographic searching and control. It’s very fetching and user-friendly

Of course the first thing that comes to mind is “How the ##(^$@#&*^ did they do that!”

Evergreen also does a similar thing with grouping and ranking subjects but I’m sure that NCSU and their vendor/partner Endeca did alot of work in getting leverage out of the existing metadata in the catalog records.

Some other quick comments: the use of the LC Classification to group sets is a very nice feature which makes the cataloger in me say, “Now that is why classification and subject analysis can be relevant in a world of keyword searching.”

I really hope NCSU can share some follow-up and metrics to show if their users’ information retrieval habits are improved/changed for the better by their new OPAC.

Amazing stuff.