Starting Library School

Well I have joined the dark side and actually entered the UNC-Chapel Hill MSLS program. We’ll see how long I last doing a full-time job, half sized course load, and family and personal responsibilities.

At the moment I have:

I think roughly my plan is to do a library class with a technology class every semester until I run out of interesting or relevant library classes.

I hope to see other new students at SILS and hopefully this will be rewarding.


One thought on “Starting Library School

  1. Hi Sean,

    The full-time work/ half-time school thing is working better than I had initially expected, and I just started my fourth semester at OU’s SLIS. Hang in there!

    Is 502 your reference class? If so, I hope you have an enlightened instructor who doesn’t make you look up lots of useless bits of info. That can be the pits.


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