UNC School of Information and Library Science, Fall 2007

Fall 2007 is rolling now. Two classes for me this semester, strangely I think both are going to be about networks, social computing, electronic identity, and information.

INLS 490: Online Social Networks


Class has a link stream setup at: http://del.icio.us/tag/inls490

Syllabus is pretty good. I’m pretty much doing this class for some deep background and to learn a bit more about research methods that people are applying in this little bit of our information space.

INLS 500: Introduction to Human Information Interaction


No public syllabus or website.  Its being done in a combination of Blackboard, in-class and Second Life.

The way I look at this class is that it is the introduction to the information science literature class.  Everyone in the program (both library and information science tracks) has to take this one.  It is the only required class for both tracks.

But … we spent the first half of the semester using Second Life as an in-class discussion tool … i.e. did small group discussions in it.  Well this was … you can imagine how that worked out.  The Second Life part has disappeared and now the class is being done in the usual manner.


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