Textarea’s Firefox (Windows 7) & Safari (OS X Lion)

I was looking into using org-mode in emacs (I am a vi user, though I had started as an emacs users in college). But I came across a really amazing Stack Overflow question and answer on using Emacs’ org-mode, Markdown, and a Firefox plugin It’s All Text. The idea of being to edit a textarea in my editor of choice was obvious in hindsight, so I went ahead and started using the plugin, instead calling vim, and modifying relevant ftdetect and ftplugins to handle the hosts that I would be editing in.

So for example, I edit a Confluence wiki for project tracking and documentation. My ftdetect then for the confluencewiki.vim syntax is:

" confluence filetype file
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.cfl,*.confluence set filetype=confluencewiki
au BufRead,BufNewFile wiki.duke.edu.*.txt set filetype=confluencewiki

Using the plugin pulls the text out of the textarea, adds it to a vim buffer and then lets me edit it; while monitoring the file to update the control in the webpage. Pretty awesome

Of course after using it for half a day on Windows at MPOW, I have to do it on my Macbook Air, where I use Safari. I know there are reasons to not use Safari, but my big reason for using it is that I remain consistent with all the Fluid site specific browsers I use for a number of important sites, Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook. Of course Safari’s extension mechanism isn’t as well used as Firefox’s but it seems like that the textarea editing with an external editor itch isn’t limited: thus Quick Cursor which basically acts as a sophisticated copy and paste clipboard into any control that accepts text in OS X. I got the impression that the operating system used to have some other mechanism to achieve something similar, but for whatever reason that has been deprecated


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