org-mode agenda

I’ve been using emacs’ org-mode to handle project and task tracking. There are a number of views in the agenda mode that weren’t clear to me what they did until I had to go back and see everything I’ve been doing for the last year:

‘a’ Agenda for current week or day

Week view of your (active) TODOs. With some options you can see archived and hiddent events and TODOs. The default brings in any TODO that has an active timestamp or is scheduled. After you bring it up you can then change the view to include everything from the last month, year, or arbitrary date. This is the view you need if you want to see completed tasks in an archive; using the ‘Log-All’ function when you have the view up along with adding the archive option if you are using an archive file.

‘L’ timeline

Timeline view of all date tagged items in the current org-mode buffer. Strangely, this view doesn’t respond to any of the agenda options, except for viewing things in logged format. You’d think it could give you an overview but it doesn’t.

‘t’ List of all TODOs

This is the list of active TODOs. A tasklist, which is configurable with a number of options to sort and surface the particular ones to the top.





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