Gotcha: sRGB, Emacs 24, themes

I’ve been working with the Solarized color theme in my Emacs for a while. The homebrew recipe for Emacs has an option to pull in a patch which corrects the Cocoa port for Emacs to handle srgb colors correctly. But for the longest time I couldn’t get the colors to exactly line up to the references.

But I finally figured out that the theme was expecting a variable to be set:

(setq solarized-broken-srgb nil)

From the customize information:

Emacs bug #8402 results in incorrect color handling on Macs. If this is t (the default on Macs), Solarized works around it with alternative colors. However, these colors are not totally portable, so you may be able to edit the “Gen RGB” column in solarized-definitions.el to improve them further.

The gotcha is that if you set this through customize, generally the default custom.el loads after init.el with a lightly managed Emacs. So if you thought you were setting the variable in customize and it would work, you are wrong, since normally themes are loaded through your init.el, either through a separate library or directly in mine.

So for me to load solarized with correct srbg support:

(setq solarized-broken-srgb nil)
(load-theme 'solarized-dark t)

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